Monday, September 10, 2012

Self-pity or The Green-Eyed Monster?

I don't have time to write much today.  I just wanted to 'fess up that, after my lofty musings of last Friday, I'm now back in the thick of all-too-human emotions.  I found out last night that a friend of mine, who totaled his new and fully loaded SUV while driving drunk, has just bought himself a brand new one.  Meanwhile, my car is sicker than I am.  And she looks more beat up than I do.  I haven't exactly provided her with regular facials (I don't wash her very often, and she sits under a sap tree), her sides have some wrinkles from a few years ago (when I opted to keep the insurance money rather than get her the Botox she rightly deserved), and lastly, her face is broken due to a little fender bender I got us into last week.  To add to her and my worries, she's VERY old (1999; practically a "classic" in today's world).  But she's "Old Money" - an Infiniti gal - and her parts are extremely expensive relative to her Blue Blood (Blue Book value). 

But enough about HER.  My question is this:  Am I wallowing in self-pity or have I been bitten by the green-eyed monster?  Am I actually jealous of someone's new car just 36 hours before I have a scheduled double mastectomy?  If so, I need the surgeons to perform an "Attitude Adjustment" while they cut, prod, and do what it is surgeons do. At a minimum, I need to write up a gratitude list of all I'm thankful for...a list which most definitely includes my trusty, dusty, and rusty car.  Even if she IS thirsty all the time, and refuses to drink water!

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